How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost?

how much does wedding photography cost

A wedding is a special event in every person’s life. It’s important to capture every beautiful moment on that special day, which is why people hire a professional photographer to do the job. But how much does wedding photography cost? In this article, we will discuss how much wedding photography costs, and we will also talk about the factors that affect the price.

How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost?

In general, wedding photographer prices vary from $1100-$3000. However, the number can go higher or lower depending upon the person/company you choose. If things are tight, you can find a budget-friendly option under $500. On the other hand, if you don’t have budget issues, you can find a better option in the $4000+ range. 

The total price will vary depending upon the package you choose and several other factors. Let’s have a look at the elements involved in designing wedding photography packages. 


Factors That Affect Wedding Photography Cost

  • Hours of Coverage

The hours of coverage will be a major factor in determining the overall cost. Some couples want the photographer to stay with them the whole day and capture every moment. On the other hand, some couples hire a photographer for only 4-6 hours. 

While hiring a photographer, you will find full-day and half-day packages, and you should choose the one that suits your needs. You should know that additional hours will cost extra, and it’s important to plan everything in advance. 

  • Travel Cost

If you are getting married locally and hiring a local photographer, you won’t have to worry about the travel cost. However, if the photographer has to travel a long distance to the event, you will have to cover the costs. 

  • Prints/Albums

In most cases, photographers include photo prints in the package. However, if your package doesn’t include them, you will have to pay for them separately. In both cases, they will affect the overall wedding photography cost. Some photographers also offer a wedding album as a part of their package, and it also affects the price of the package. 

  • Second Shooter

Photographers often bring an assistant along,  who offers a helping hand during the event. These assistants aren’t professionals, and they won’t affect the overall cost. However, if you request a second shooter, you will have to spend more money. 

  • Additional Shoots

Additional shoots, including rehearsal dinner coverage and trash the dress sessions, will cost extra. Most couples request a pre-wedding engagement shoot too, and if you also have such requirements, you should discuss them with the photographer. They may offer a suitable package that will help you save money. 

Well, these are the major factors that affect the wedding photography cost. Fortunately, options are available in all price ranges, and you can choose a package that suits your budget. 


So, how much does wedding photography cost? If you have read this article carefully, you will know the factors that affect the photography cost. Before hiring a photographer, you should discuss everything in detail with your partner. Once you are clear about your requirements, it will be easy for you to pick a suitable package.

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