Slide ACB Precision Focus Photography ​The Power of a Picture. View the world and people through my lens.
Paul, owner of ACB Precision Focus Photography believes in making your vision come to life through the lens of his camera. Nothing makes time stand still like an impactful image.
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How much does wedding photography cost

Wedding photography

We capture the beauty, joy and spirit of your day in an artistic, photojournalistic and unobtrusive way.

We cultivate the art of your love story and provide an experience not just for your wedding day but throughout your wedding journey. Every wedding is different – it is a masterpiece that is uniquely put together by the bride, groom, and their families. As we photograph all the important moments of getting ready, the ceremony, the reception and all the moments in between, we focus on each moment capturing images for you to enjoy forever. Those are the images, that will bring back your wedding memories years later as you look through your wedding album. Wherever the place, on the sand at the beach, busy city, or your welcoming home, we are happy to travel to be there to capture your love story to create a lifetime of memories.


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The Visionary behind
ACB Precision Focus Photography

Meet Paul Cole

I love the idea of that “perfect moment”. As a photographer, there’s nothing better than capturing those special moments. Those moments when people are oblivious to the camera and are truly engaged in enjoying life’s special moments. I think the best way of capturing those moments are candid shots.

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